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000000091 245__ $$aNon-Supersymmetric Membrane Flows from Fake Supergravity and Multi-Trace Deformations
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000000091 520__ $$aWe use fake supergravity as a solution generating technique to obtain a continuum of non-supersymmetric asymptotically $AdS_4\times S^7$ domain wall solutions of eleven-dimensional supergravity with non-trivial scalars in the $SL(8,\mathbb{R})/SO(8)$ coset. These solutions are continuously connected to the supersymmetric domain walls describing a uniform sector of the Coulomb branch of the $M2$-brane theory. We also provide a general argument that identifies the fake superpotential with the exact large-N quantum effective potential of the dual theory, thus arriving at a very general description of multi-trace deformations in the AdS/CFT correspondence, which strongly motivates further study of fake supergravity as a solution generating method. This identification allows us to interpret our non-supersymmetric solutions as a family of marginal triple-trace deformations of the Coulomb branch that completely break supersymmetry and to calculate the exact large-N anomalous dimensions of the operators involved. The holographic one- and two-point functions for these solutions are also computed.
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