Published Article / Particle Physics - Theory BROWN-HEP-1309 hep-th/0207111

Higher dimensional geometries related to fuzzy odd-dimensional spheres

Ramgoolam, S (Brown University)


Abstract: We study $SO(m)$ covariant Matrix realizations of $ \sum_{i=1}^{m} X_i^2 = 1 $ for even $m$ as candidate fuzzy odd spheres following hep-th/0101001. As for the fuzzy four sphere, these Matrix algebras contain more degrees of freedom than the sphere itself and the full set of variables has a geometrical description in terms of a higher dimensional coset. The fuzzy $S^{2k-1} $ is related to a higher dimensional coset $ {SO(2k) \over U(1) \times U(k-1)}$. These cosets are bundles where base and fibre are hermitian symmetric spaces. The detailed form of the generators and relations for the Matrix algebras related to the fuzzy three-spheres suggests Matrix actions which admit the fuzzy spheres as solutions. These Matrix actions are compared with the BFSS, IKKT and BMN Matrix models as well as some others. The geometry and combinatorics of fuzzy odd spheres lead to some remarks on the transverse five-brane problem of Matrix theories and the exotic scaling of the entropy of 5-branes with the brane number.

Published in: J. High Energy Phys. :10 2002 064

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