Thesis / Computing and Computers

A High-performance Video Browsing System

Tavanapong, W (University of Central Florida)
Hua, K A; dir.
Central Florida Univ. Orlando, FL

Abstract: Recent advances in multimedia processing technologies, internetworking technologies, and the World Wide Web phenomenon have resulted in a vast creation and use of digital videos in all kinds of applications ranging fromentertainment, business solutions, to education. Designing efficient techniques for searching and retrieving videos over the networks becomes increasingly more important as future applications will include a huge volume of multimediacontent. One practical approach to search for a video segment is as follows. Step 1: Apply an initial search to determine the set of candidate videos. Step 2: Browse the candidates to identify the relevant videos. Step 3: Searchwithin the relevant videos for interesting video segments. In practice, a user might have to iterate through these steps multiple times in order to locate the desired video segments. Independently, database researchers have beeninvestigating techniques for the initial search in Step 1. Multimedia researchers have proposed several techniques for video browsing in Step 2. Computer communications researchers have been investigating video delivery techniques. Iidentify that searching for video data is an interactive process which involves the transmission of video data. Developing techniques for each step independently could result in a system with less performance. In this dissertation, Ipresent a unified approach taking into accounts all fundamental characteristics of multimedia data. I evaluated the proposed techniques through both simulation and system implementation. The resulting system is less expensive andoffers better performance. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed technique can offer video browsing and search operations with little delays and with minimum storage overhead at the server. Client machines can handletheir search operations without involving the server making the design more scalable, which is vital for large systems deployed over the Internet. The implemented system shows that the visual quality of the browsing and the searchoperations are excellent.

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Note: Ph.D. : Univ. Central Florida : 1999

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