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SL(2,Z) Action On Three-Dimensional Conformal Field Theories With Abelian Symmetry / Witten, Edward [hep-th/0307041]
On the space of three-dimensional conformal field theories with U(1) symmetry and a chosen coupling to a background gauge field, there is a natural action of the group SL(2,Z). [...] Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF Download fulltextPS.GZ;
A new PPN parameter to test Chern-Simons gravity / Alexander, S ; Yunes, N [IGPG-07-3-4] [hep-th/0703265]
We study Chern-Simons (CS) gravity in the parameterized post-Newtonian (PPN) framework through weak-field solutions of the modified field equations for a perfect fluid source. [...]
Published in Phys. Rev. Lett.: Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF;
A Test of the AdS/CFT Duality on the Coulomb Branch / Costa, M S [PUPT-1926] [hep-th/0003289]
We consider the N=4 SU(N) Super Yang Mills theory on the Coulomb branch with gauge symmetry broken to S(U(N_1)*U(N_2)). [...]
Published in Phys. Lett., B :482 2000 287-292 Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF Download fulltextPS.GZ;

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