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Neural Networks For Speech Recognition Of A Phonetic Language / Teshome, D
The goal of this thesis is to explore a possibility for a viable alternative/replacement to the Amharic typewriter. [...]
Scheduling Task Graphs In Heterogeneous Computing Environments / Topcuoglu, H R
Efficient application scheduling is critical for achieving high performance in heterogeneous computing environments. [...]
A High-performance Video Browsing System / Tavanapong, W
Recent advances in multimedia processing technologies, internetworking technologies, and the World Wide Web phenomenon have resulted in a vast creation and use of digital videos in all kinds of applications ranging fromentertainment, business solutions, to education. [...]
Atlantis (Critias) / Plato
I have before remarked in speaking of the allotments of the gods, that they distributed the whole earth into portions differing in extent, and made for themselves temples and instituted sacrifices. And Poseidon, receiving for his lot the island of Atlantis, begat children by a mortal woman, and settled them in a part of the island, which I will describe. Looking towards the sea, but in the centre of the whole island, there was a plain which is said to have been the fairest of all plains and very fertile [...]
Published in: Atlantis Times 02/2009, 03/2009

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