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Statistics: a computer approach / Burford, Roger L
Bayesian statistics: a review / Lindley, Dennis Victor
Cosmic equation of state, Gravitational Lensing Statistics and Merging of Galaxies / Dev, A ; Jain, D ; Panchapakesan, N ; Mahajan, S ; et al [astro-ph/0104076]
In this paper we investigate observational constraints on the cosmic equation of state of dark energy ($p = w \rho$) using gravitational lensing statistics. [...] Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF Download fulltextPS.GZ;
Scheduling Task Graphs In Heterogeneous Computing Environments / Topcuoglu, H R
Efficient application scheduling is critical for achieving high performance in heterogeneous computing environments. [...]
A High-performance Video Browsing System / Tavanapong, W
Recent advances in multimedia processing technologies, internetworking technologies, and the World Wide Web phenomenon have resulted in a vast creation and use of digital videos in all kinds of applications ranging fromentertainment, business solutions, to education. [...]
A universal result on central charges in the presence of double-trace deformations / Gubser, S S ; Klebanov, Igor R [PUPT-2069] [hep-th/0212138]
We study large N conformal field theories perturbed by relevant double-trace deformations. [...]
Published in Nucl. Phys. B: 656 (2003) pp. 23-36 Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF Download fulltextPS.GZ;
Quasinormal modes of Reissner-Nordstrom Anti-de Sitter Black Holes / Wang, B ; Lin, C Y ; Abdalla, E [hep-th/0003295]
Complex frequencies associated with quasinormal modes for large Reissner-Nordstr$\ddot{o}$m Anti-de Sitter black holes have been computed. [...]
Published in Phys. Lett., B :481 2000 79-88 Fulltext: Download fulltextPDF Download fulltextPS.GZ (additional files);

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