Published Article / Particle Physics - Theory UTHET-2006-05-01 hep-th/0606096

Quasi-normal Modes of Electromagnetic Perturbations of Four-Dimensional Topological Black Holes with Scalar Hair

Koutsoumbas, G (National Technical University of Athens) ; Musiri, S ; Papantonopoulos, E ; Siopsis, G


Abstract: We study the perturbative behaviour of topological black holes with scalar hair. We calculate both analytically and numerically the quasi-normal modes of the electromagnetic perturbations. In the case of small black holes we find clear evidence of a second-order phase transition of a topological black hole to a hairy configuration. We also find evidence of a second-order phase transition of the AdS vacuum solution to a topological black hole.

Published in: J. High Energy Phys. :10 2006 006

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