Published Article / Particle Physics - Theory SISSA-2002-64-EP hep-th/0210075

On the quantum stability of IIB orbifolds and orientifolds with Scherk-Schwarz SUSY breaking

Borunda, M (INFN) ; Serone, M ; Trapletti, M


Abstract: We study the quantum stability of Type IIB orbifold and orientifold string models in various dimensions, including Melvin backgrounds, where supersymmetry (SUSY) is broken {\it \`a la} Scherk-Schwarz (SS) by twisting periodicity conditions along a circle of radius R. In particular, we compute the R-dependence of the one-loop induced vacuum energy density $\rho(R)$, or cosmological constant. For SS twists different from Z2 we always find, for both orbifolds and orientifolds, a monotonic $\rho(R)<0$, eventually driving the system to a tachyonic instability. For Z2 twists, orientifold models can have a different behavior, leading either to a runaway decompactification limit or to a negative minimum at a finite value R_0. The last possibility is obtained for a 4D chiral orientifold model where a more accurate but yet preliminary analysis seems to indicate that $R_0\to \infty$ or towards the tachyonic instability, as the dependence on the other geometric moduli is included.

Published in: Nucl. Phys. B: 653 (2003) pp. 85-108

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