Preprint / Particle Physics - Theory PUTP-2002-48 SLAC-PUB-9504 SU-ITP-2002-36 hep-th/0209226

Decapitating Tadpoles

Adams, A (Stanford University) ; McGreevy, J ; Silverstein, E


Abstract: We argue that perturbative quantum field theory and string theory can be consistently modified in the infrared to eliminate, in a radiatively stable manner, tadpole instabilities that arise after supersymmetry breaking. This is achieved by deforming the propagators of classically massless scalar fields and the graviton so as to cancel the contribution of their zero modes. In string theory, this modification of propagators is accomplished by perturbatively deforming the world-sheet action with bi-local operators similar to those that arise in double-trace deformations of AdS/CFT. This results in a perturbatively finite and unitary S-matrix (in the case of string theory, this claim depends on standard assumptions about unitarity in covariant string diagrammatics). The S-matrix is parameterized by arbitrary scalar VEVs, which exacerbates the vacuum degeneracy problem. However, for generic values of these parameters, quantum effects produce masses for the nonzero modes of the scalars, lifting the fluctuating components of the moduli.

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