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Soliton on Noncommutative Orbifold $ T^2/Z_k $

Bo-Yu, H (Northwest University, China) ; Kangjie, S ; Zhan-ying, Y

12 Apr 2002

Abstract: Following the construction of the projection operators on $ T^2 $ presented by Gopakumar, Headrick and Spradin, we construct the projection operators on the integral noncommutative orbifold $ T^2/G (G=Z_k,k=2, 3, 4, 6)$. Suchoperators are expressed by a function on this orbifold. So it provides a complete set of projection operators upon the moduli space $T^2 \times K/Z_k$. All these operators has the same trace 1/A ($A$ is an integer). Since theprojection operators correspond to solitons in noncommutative string field theory, we obtained the explicit expression of all the soliton solutions on $ T^2/Z_k $.

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