Preprint / Particle Physics - Phenomenology CERN-TH-2001-131 hep-ph/0105155

Physics at the front-end of a neutrino factory : a quantitative appraisal

Mangano, M L (CERN) ; Alekhin, S I ; Anselmino, M ; Ball, R D ; Boglione, M ; D'Alesio, U ; Davidson, S ; De Lellis, G ; Ellis, J ; Forte, S ; Gambino, P ; Gehrmann, T ; Kataev, A L ; Kotzinian, A ; Kulagin, S A ; Lehmann-Dronke, B ; Migliozzi, P ; Murgia, F ; Ridolfi, G

CERN nuDIS Working group of the ECFA-CERN Neutrino-Factory Study Group
16 May 2001
CERN Geneva

Abstract: We present a quantitative appraisal of the physics potential for neutrino experiments at the front-end of a muon storage ring. We estimate the forseeable accuracy in the determination of several interesting observables, and explorethe consequences of these measurements. We discuss the extraction of individual quark and antiquark densities from polarized and unpolarized deep-inelastic scattering. In particular we study the implications for the undertanding ofthe nucleon spin structure. We assess the determination of alpha_s from scaling violation of structure functions, and from sum rules, and the determination of sin^2(theta_W) from elastic nu-e and deep-inelastic nu-p scattering. Wethen consider the production of charmed hadrons, and the measurement of their absolute branching ratios. We study the polarization of Lambda baryons produced in the current and target fragmentation regions. Finally, we discuss thesensitivity to physics beyond the Standard Model.

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