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ALEPH experiment: Candidate of Higgs boson production

Expérience ALEPH: Candidat de la production d'un boson Higgs
14 06 2000
Photographer: Photolab

Keyword(s): LEP

Candidate for the associated production of the Higgs boson and Z boson. Both, the Higgs and Z boson decay into 2 jets each. The green and the yellow jets belong to the Higgs boson. They represent the fragmentation of a bottom andanti-bottom quark. The red and the blue jets stem from the decay of the Z boson into a quark anti-quark pair. Left: View of the event along the beam axis. Bottom right: Zoom around the interaction point at the centre showing detailsof the fragmentation of the bottom and anti-bottom quarks. As expected for b quarks, in each jet the decay of a long-lived B meson is visible. Top right: "World map" showing the spatial distribution of the jets in the event.

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